Fleet lists & photographs of the world's navies.

World Warships provides fleet lists of all the major and most minor navies in the world, along with photographs and naval related forums. The information contained on these pages is freely available in the public domain, we have sought to present it in a format that is functional and informative. All photographs are copyright of the photographers named.

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Recently Updated Ships

Ship Name Country Class
Tariq ibn Ziyad Nanuchka II (Project 1234E)
Amsterdam Amsterdam
Kefallinia Pomornik (Project 1232.2)
Tarakan Balikpapan
Labuan Balikpapan
Brunei Balikpapan
Admiral Flota Kasatonov Admiral Sergey Gorshkov (Project 22350)
Canberra Canberra
Washington Virginia
Halyburton Oliver Hazard Perry (long hull)