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Classes of Warship


Name Type Country of Origin
- (Arleigh Burke Flight III) Guided Missile Destroyer
20 de Julio Offshore Patrol Vessel
42m Landing Craft Landing Craft Medium
6 October Patrol Boat
64m Landing Craft Landing Craft Medium
Aadesh Coastal Patrol Craft
AB 25 Patrol Boat
Abdiel Minelayer
Abdiel Minelayer
Ability Ocean Minesweeper
Abnaki Fleet Ocean Tug
Absalom Fleet Support Ship
Abu Dhabi Large Patrol Ship
Abukuma Frigate
Achelous Repair Ship
Achimota (FPB 57) Patrol Boat
Achomawi Fleet Ocean Tug
Acme Ocean Minesweeper
Aconit (F65) Destroyer
Ada (Milgem) Corvette
Adelaide (FFG-7) Guided Missile Frigate
Adept Large Harbour Tug
Aditya Replenishment Oiler
Adjutant (MSC 60) Coastal Minesweeper
Admirable Fleet Minesweeper
Admiral (Hood) Battlecruiser
Admiral Sergey Gorshkov (Project 22350) Frigate
Admiralty 'S' Destroyer
Aegir Offshore Patrol Vessel
Aggressive Ocean Minesweeper
Agile Ocean Minesweeper
Agosta Submarine
Agosta 90B Submarine
Aguila Large Patrol Ship
Ajay Patrol Boat
Akizuki Destroyer
Akizuki Destroyer
Akula I (Project 971) Submarine (Nuclear)
Akula II (Project 09710) Submarine (Nuclear)
Al Bushra (Vigilante 400) Coastal Patrol Craft
Al Mabrukah Large Patrol Ship
Al Madinah Frigate
Al Manama (FPB 62-001) Coastal Patrol Craft
Al Neemran Landing Craft Utility
Al Riffa (FPB 38) Patrol Boat
Al Riyadh Frigate
Al Seeb Patrol Boat
Al Siddiq Patrol Combatant
Al Sultana Cargo Ship
Alakai High Speed Transport
Alaska Battlecruiser
Albacore Auxiliary Research Submarine
Albany Guided Missile Cruiser
Albatross (MSC 289) Coastal Minesweeper
Albatroz Patrol Boat
Albion Amphibious Transport Dock
Alexandrit (Project 12700) Coastal Minesweeper
Alfa (Project 705) Submarine (Nuclear)
Alfa (Project 705K) Submarine (Nuclear)
Algerine Ocean Minesweeper
Algol Vehicle Cargo Ship
Aliyah (Sa'ar 4.5) Patrol Combatant
Allen M. Sumner Destroyer
Allen M. Sumner (Fram II) Destroyer
Alliance Oceanographic Research Ship
Alligator Landing Ship Tank
Alligator (Project 1171) Landing Ship Tank
Almirante Clemente Frigate
Almirante Gastao Motta Replenishment Oiler
Almirante Guilhem Auxiliary Ocean Tug
Almirante Irizar Icebreaker
Almirante Williams Destroyer
Alpino Frigate
Alquwaisat Landing Craft Medium
Alta Coastal Minesweeper
Alvaro de Bazan Frigate
Alvsborg Submarine Tender
Alyay (Project 160) Fleet Oiler
Amatola Frigate
Amatsukaze Destroyer
Amazon (Type 21) Frigate
Amazonas Patrol Boat
Ambassador MkIII Guided Missile Patrol Craft
America Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
Amethyste Submarine (Nuclear)
Amphion (Cruiser) Light Cruiser
Amphion (Repair) Repair Ship
Amphion (Submarine) Submarine
Amsterdam Replenishment Oiler
Amur (Project 304) Repair Ship
Amur II (Project 304M) Repair Ship
Anaga Patrol Boat
Anawratha Corvette
Anchorage Amphibious Transport Dock
Andenes Auxiliary Command Ship
Andoni Patrol Boat
Andrea Doria Guided Missile Cruiser
Andromanche (FPB 42) Patrol Boat
Andromeda (C2-S-B1) Cargo Ship
Annad Auxiliary Ocean Tug
Annapolis Frigate
Anshan Destroyer
Anzac Frigate
Apache Fleet Ocean Tug
Appleleaf Replenishment Oiler
Aquitaine Frigate
Araucano Replenishment Ship
Archer Patrol Boat
Ardrossan Fleet Minesweeper
Arethusa Light Cruiser
Arethuse Submarine
Argus Aviation Logistics Support Ship
Ariadne (Type 393) Inshore Minesweeper
Arihant Submarine (Nuclear)
Aris Training Ship
Aristaeus Repair Ship
Arleigh Burke Guided Missile Destroyer
Armidale Patrol Boat
Arromanches Landing Craft Utility
Artigliere (Lupo) Frigate
Asagiri Destroyer
Asashio Submarine
ASD 2310 Large Harbour Tug
ASD 2411 Large Harbour Tug
Asheville Patrol Combatant
Ashland Landing Ship Dock
Ashtabula Small Fleet Oiler
ASI-315 Patrol Boat
Astute Submarine (Nuclear)
Atago Guided Missile Destroyer
Atlanta Light Cruiser
Attack Patrol Boat
Attacker Escort Carrier
Audace Destroyer
Audacious Aircraft Carrier
Audaz Anti-Submarine Destroyer
Auk Fleet Minesweeper
Aung Zeya Frigate
Austal Patrol Boat
Austin Amphibious Transport Dock
Avenger Ocean Minesweeper
Ayanami Destroyer
Aydin Coastal Minehunter
Aylwin Destroyer
Azmat Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Azteca Coastal Patrol Craft
Bacolod City Landing Ship Medium
Badr Corvette
Bagley Destroyer
Bahamas Coastal Patrol Craft
Bainbridge Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear)
Bainbridge Destroyer
Balao Submarine
Baleares Frigate
Balikpapan Landing Craft Heavy
Balsam Seagoing Buoy Tender
Baltimore Heavy Cruiser
Baltrum Auxiliary Ocean Tug
Bandar Abbas Replenishment Ship
Bandicoot Auxiliary Minesweeper
Bangabandhu ( Mod. Ulsan) Frigate
Bangor Fleet Minesweeper
Bannock Fleet Ocean Tug
Baptiste de Andrade Corvette
Bar Boom Defence Vessel
Barbados (Meko 200TN) Frigate
Barbel Submarine
Barber Tiaf Vehicle Cargo Ship
Barcelo Patrol Boat
Barracuda Submarine (Nuclear)
Barracuda Submarine
Barracuda Offshore Patrol Vessel
Barroso Frigate
Bathurst Corvette
Batral Landing Ship Tank
Battle Destroyer
Battle (Later Battle) Destroyer
Bay Coastal Minesweeper
Bay (ACV) Patrol Boat
Bay (Bigbury Bay) Frigate
Bay (Condamine) Frigate
Bay (Rushcutter) Coastal Minehunter
Bayfield (C3-S-A2) Amphibious Cargo Ship
Baynunah Corvette
Bear Medium Endurance Cutter
Belgica Oceanographic Research Ship
Belknap Guided Missile Cruiser
Bellerophon Battleship
Bellona Light Cruiser
Beluga (Project 1710) Auxiliary Submarine
Benham Destroyer
Benjamin Franklin Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Benson Destroyer
Berezina (Project 1833) Replenishment Ship
Bergamini Frigate
Berk Frigate
Bermagui Auxiliary Minesweeper
Berry Head Repair Ship
Birkenhead Light Cruiser
Birmingham Light Cruiser
Black Swan Sloop
Black Swan (Modified) Sloop
Blackwood (Type 14) Frigate
Blommendal Hydrographic Survey Ship
Blue Ridge Amphibious Command Ship
Bluebird (MSC 121) Coastal Minesweeper
Blyth Fleet Minesweeper
Boa (Class 35) Patrol Boat
Boa (Class 36) Patrol Boat
Bob Hope
Bogue Escort Carrier
Bolster Salvage Ship
Boraida Replenishment Oiler
Borei (Project 955) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Borei (Project 955A) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Boris Chilkin (Project 1559) Replenishment Oiler
Boston Guided Missile Cruiser
Bouchard Patrol Boat
BPS 500 (Project 12418) Patrol Combatant
Bramaputra Guided Missile Frigate
Brandenburg Frigate
Brasil Training Ship
Braunschweig Corvette
Bravo Submarine
Bremen Frigate
Bristol Light Cruiser
Broadsword Patrol Boat
Bronstein Frigate
Bronzewing Small Harbour Tug
Brooke Guided Missile Frigate
Brooklyn Cruiser (Gun)
Buckley Destroyer Escort
Bulldog Survey Ship
Bunker Hill Guided Missile Cruiser
Buyan (Project 21630) Corvette
Buyan-M (Project 21631) Corvette
C-14 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
C-151 Landing Craft Heavy
C-58 Patrol Boat
C28A Corvette
Cacine Patrol Boat
Caesar ('Ca') Destroyer
Caldwell Destroyer
California Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear)
Canberra Amphibious Transport Dock
Cannon Destroyer Escort
Cantabria Replenishment Oiler
Canterbury Fleet Support Ship
Capana Landing Ship Tank
Cape Patrol Boat
Cape Patrol Boat
Cape Flattery (C9-S-81d) Cargo Ship
Cape Girardeau (C5-S-75a) Cargo Ship
Cape Island (C7-S-95a) Vehicle Cargo Ship
Cape John (C4-S-1u) Cargo Ship
Cape Kennedy Vehicle Cargo Ship
Capitan Cabral Patrol Boat
Captain Destroyer Escort
Caribe Offshore Patrol Vessel
Carlo Bergamini Frigate
Carlskrona Minelayer
Casa Grande Landing Ship Dock
Casablanca Escort Carrier
Casco High-Endurance Cutter
Cassard Destroyer
Cassin Destroyer
Cassiopea Large Patrol Ship
Castle Offshore Patrol Vessel
Castle Corvette
Castor Offshore Patrol Vessel
CDIC Landing Craft Utility
Centaro Patrol Boat
Centaur Aircraft Carrier
Centaur Aircraft Carrier
Centaur (Ce) Destroyer
Centauro Frigate
Centenary Coastal Patrol Craft
Ceylon Light Cruiser
Chakri Naruebet Aircraft Carrier, V/STOL
Chamois Miscellaneous Auxiliary
Champlain Landing Ship Medium
Chamsuri Patrol Boat
Chanticleer Submarine Rescue Ship
Chapayev (Project 68K) Light Cruiser
Charger Escort Carrier
Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Charles F. Adams Guided Missile Destroyer
Charles Lawrence High Speed Transport
Charleston Amphibious Cargo Ship
Charlie I (Project 670 Skat) Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Charlie II (Project 670M Chayka) Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Cheonji Replenishment Oiler
Cheonwangbong Landing Ship Tank
Chequers ('Ch') Destroyer
Cherryleaf Replenishment Oiler
Chesapeake Transport Oiler
Chonburi Patrol Combatant
Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin (KDX II) Destroyer
Churchill Submarine (Nuclear)
Cimarron Replenishment Oiler
Cimarron Small Fleet Oiler
Circe Coastal Minehunter
Ciudad Bolivar Replenishment Oiler
Claud Jones Destroyer Escort
Clemenceau Aircraft Carrier
Clemson Destroyer
Cleveland Light Cruiser
Clyde (Mod. River) Patrol Vessel
Cohoes Net Tender
Colbert Cruiser (Gun)
Collins Submarine
Colorado Battleship
Colossus Aircraft Carrier
Colossus (1910) Battleship
Comandante Cigala Fulgosi Large Patrol Ship
Comandante Joao Belo Frigate
Combattante II Patrol Boat
Combattante IIB Patrol Boat
Combattante III Patrol Boat
Combattante IIIB Patrol Boat
Combattante IIIN Patrol Boat
Combattante IIING Patrol Boat
Comet (C3-ST-14a) Vehicle Cargo Ship
Commandant Riviere Frigate
Commencement Bay Escort Carrier
Conejera Patrol Boat
Constitucion Patrol Boat
Conte di Cavour Aircraft Carrier
Contramestre Micalvi Patrol Boat
Cook Oceanographic Research Ship
Coontz Guided Missile Destroyer
Cormoran Coastal Patrol Craft
Cosar Minelayer
Cossack ('Co') Destroyer
Costa Sur Amphibious Transport
County (DDG) Guided Missile Destroyer
Courtney Destroyer Escort
Crescent ('Cr') Destroyer
Croitor Patrol Craft tender
Crosley High Speed Transport
Custodio de Mello Transport
Cutlass Patrol Boat
Cyclone Patrol Boat
d'Estienne d'Orves Frigate
Dabur Patrol Boat
Dajiang Submarine Tender
Dalang Submarine Rescue Ship
Damen Stan 2606 Patrol Boat
Damen Stan 3007 Patrol Boat
Damen Stan 4207 Patrol Boat
Damen Stan Lander 5612 Landing Craft Medium
Damen Stan Tug 1606 Small Harbour Tug
Damen Stan Tug 3008 Medium Harbour Tug
Daphne Submarine
Daring Destroyer
Daring (Australia) Destroyer
Daring (Type 45) Destroyer
Darter Submarine
Darussalam (PV80) Patrol Vessel
Dash Coastal Minesweeper
Dauntless Patrol Boat
Daxin Training Ship
Dayun (Type 904) Fleet Supply Ship
Dazhou Submarine Tender
De Soto County Landing Ship Tank
De Zeven Provincien Destroyer
De Zeven Provincien (CL) Cruiser (Gun)
Dealey Destroyer Escort
Deba (Project 716) Landing Craft Utility
Decatur Guided Missile Destroyer
Deepak Replenishment Oiler
Deepak Fleet Oiler
Delaware Battleship
Delhi Guided Missile Destroyer
Delta I (Project 667B) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Delta II Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Delta III (Project 667BDR) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Delta IV (Project 667BDRM) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Des Moines Cruiser (Gun)
Descubierta Frigate
Deutschland Training Ship
Diamond State Auxiliary Crane Ship
Diana Patrol Vessel
Dido Light Cruiser
Diligence Repair Ship
Dilos Patrol Boat
Dinghai Auxiliary Ocean Tug
Diver Salvage Ship
Diver Medium Endurance Cutter
Dixie Destroyer Tender
Dog Large Harbour Tug
Dokdo Helicopter Carrier
Dokkum Coastal Minesweeper
Dolphin Submarine
Dolphin Auxiliary Research Submarine
Dolphin (Mod.) Submarine
Don (Project 310) Submarine Tender
Donghae Corvette
Drakensberg Replenishment Ship
Dreadnought Submarine (Nuclear)
Dreadnought (1906) Battleship
Dubna Fleet Oiler
Duke (Type 23) Frigate
Dunkerque Battleship
Duperre (T53) Destroyer
Durance Fleet Oiler
Durand de la Penne Guided Missile Destroyer
Durango Large Patrol Ship
Durjoy Corvette
Dyugon (Project 21820) Landing Craft Utility
Dzata (FPB 45) Coastal Patrol Craft
Eagle Sail Training Ship
Eborn Patrol Boat
Echo Hydrographic Survey Ship
Echo I (Project 659) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Echo II (Project 675) Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Edenton Salvage & Rescue Ship
EDIC Landing Craft Utility
Edinburgh (1939) Light Cruiser
Edsall Destroyer Escort
El Yadekh Patrol Boat
Elbe (Type 404) Destroyer Tender
Elli Frigate
Elorn Patrol Boat
Emba (Project 1172) Cable Repair Ship
Emer Patrol Boat
Emer Large Patrol Ship
Emory S. Land Submarine Tender
Endeavour Replenishment Oiler
Endurance Large Patrol Ship
Endurance Landing Ship Tank
Enoshima Coastal Minehunter
Enrico Toti Submarine
Ensdorf Coastal Minesweeper
Enterprise Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Esmeraldas Coastal Patrol Craft
Esploratore Coastal Patrol Craft
Espora (Meko 140) Frigate
Essex Aircraft Carrier
Ethan Allen Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Etna Fleet Supply Ship
Evarts Destroyer Escort
Exeter (Type 42B) Destroyer
Explorer General Purpose Vessel
F125 Frigate
Fajal-2 Patrol Vessel
Falcon (MSC 190) Coastal Minesweeper
Falster Minelayer
Fargo Light Cruiser
Farragut Destroyer
Fatahilah Frigate
Fearless Amphibious Transport Dock
Fearless Patrol Boat
Federacion Patrol Boat
Felicity Medium Harbour Tug
Fiji Light Cruiser
Finneagle Vehicle Cargo Ship
Flamant (OPV 54) Patrol Boat
Fleet Tanker Project Replenishment Oiler
Fletcher Destroyer
Fletcher FRAM II Destroyer
Flinders Survey Ship
Floreal Frigate
Florida Battleship
Flower Corvette
Flower (Modified) Corvette
Flyvefisken Coastal Patrol Craft
Forbin (Horizon) Guided Missile Destroyer
Formidable Frigate
Forrest Sherman Destroyer
Forrestal Aircraft Carrier
Fort Grange Fleet Supply Ship
Fort Victoria Fleet Supply Ship
Foudre Landing Ship Dock
Foxtrot Submarine
FPB 57 Patrol Boat
FPB 72 Patrol Boat
Frauenlob (Type 394) Inshore Minesweeper
Freedom Littoral Combat Ship
Fremantle Patrol Boat
Fridtjof Nansen Frigate
Friesland Destroyer
Frosch I Landing Ship Tank
Frosch II Landing Ship Tank
FS 1500 Frigate
Fuchi (Type 903A) Replenishment Oiler
Fulin Transport Oiler
Fulton Submarine Tender
Fundy (Bay) Coastal Minesweeper
Fuqing Fleet Oiler
Fuxianhu Fleet Supply Ship
Fuzhou Transport Oiler
Gaeta Coastal Minehunter
Gagah Samudera Training Ship
Galana Landing Ship Medium
Galicia Landing Ship Dock
Galveston Guided Missile Cruiser
Garcia Frigate
Gascoyne (River) Frigate
Gato Submarine
Gavion Coastal Patrol Craft
Gearing Destroyer
Gearing (Fram I) Destroyer
Gearing (Fram II) Destroyer
General Emilio Aguinaldo Coastal Patrol Craft
General Frank S. Besson Jr Landing Ship Medium
General Frank S. Besson Jr (Mod) Landing Ship Medium
George Washington Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Georges Leygues Destroyer
Gepard (FAC) Patrol Combatant
Gepard (Project 11660 & 11661) Frigate
Gepard 3.9 (Project 11661E) Frigate
Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Ghaem Submarine
Ghannatha Patrol Boat
Ghannatha II Patrol Boat
Gilliam Amphibious Cargo Ship
Giuseppe Garibaldi Aircraft Carrier, V/STOL
Gleaves Destroyer
Glen Large Harbour Tug
Glenard P. Lipscomb Submarine (Nuclear)
Gloucester (1939) Light Cruiser
Glover Frigate
Godavari Frigate
Godetia Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
Golf (China) Auxiliary Submarine
Golf (Project 629) Ballistic Missile Submarine
Gopher State (C5-S-73c) Auxiliary Crane Ship
Gorya (Project 12660) Ocean Minesweeper
Goteborg Coastal Patrol Craft
Gotland Submarine
Gowind Corvette
Grajau Patrol Boat
Grayback Guided Missile Submarine
Green Mountain State (C6-S-MA60d) Auxiliary Crane Ship
Gremyaschy (Project 20385) Frigate
Gridley Destroyer
Grimsby Sloop
Grisha II Corvette
Grisha III Corvette
Grisha IV Corvette
Grisha V Corvette
Grozny (Project 912M) Coastal Patrol Craft
Guaicamacuto Patrol Boat
Guaiqueri Patrol Boat
Guardian Patrol Boat
Guppy II Submarine
Guppy IIA Submarine
Guppy III Submarine
Gus W. Darnell Transport Oiler
Gwanggaeto the Great (KDX I) Destroyer
Hai Lung Submarine
Hai Shih Submarine
Hainan (Type 037) Patrol Boat
Haiqing (Type 037-IS) Patrol Boat
Haizhui Patrol Boat
Halcon Large Patrol Ship
Halibut Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Halifax Frigate
Halland Destroyer
Ham Inshore Minesweeper
Hamburg Destroyer
Hameenmaa Minelayer
Hamilton High-Endurance Cutter
Hamina Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Han (Type 091) Submarine (Nuclear)
Hang Tuah Frigate
Harpers Ferry Amphibious Transport Dock
Hartland Point Vehicle Cargo Ship
Harukaze Destroyer
Haruna Helicopter Destroyer
Harushio Submarine
Haskell (VC2-S-AP5) Amphibious Cargo Ship
Hatakaze Guided Missile Destroyer
Hatsushima Coastal Minesweeper
Hatsuyuki Destroyer
Hauk Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Hayabusa Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Hayes Miscellaneous Auxiliary
HDL 4000 Landing Ship Tank
Healy Coast Guard Icebreaker
Hecla Hydrographic Survey Ship
Helgoland (Type 720) Fleet Ocean Tug
Helsinki Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Hengam Landing Ship Tank
Henry J. Kaiser Replenishment Oiler
Hero (Damen Stan 4207) Patrol Boat
Herstal Inshore Minesweeper
Heshan Coastal Minesweeper
Hirashima Coastal Minesweeper
Hiuchi Fleet Support Ship
Hobart Guided Missile Destroyer
Holland Offshore Patrol Vessel
Holland Destroyer
Hotel (Project 658) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Houbei (Type 022) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Houdong Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Houjian (Type 037-II) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Houku Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Hounan Patrol Boat
Houxin (Type 037-IG) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Hua Hin Patrol Combatant
Hual Trader Vehicle Cargo Ship
Huangfeng Patrol Boat
Huchuan Torpedo Boat
Hudong Submarine Rescue Ship
Hunley Submarine Tender
Hunt Coastal Minesweeper
Hunt (Type I) Destroyer Escort
Hunt (Type II) Destroyer Escort
Hunt (Type III) Destroyer Escort
Hunt (Type IV) Destroyer Escort
Huon Coastal Minesweeper
Hvidbjornen Large Patrol Ship
Hydra Frigate
Hyuga Helicopter Destroyer
Ibn Ouf Landing Ship Tank
Ijhtihad (FPB41) Patrol Boat
Illustrious Aircraft Carrier
Impavido Destroyer
Impeccable Ocean Surveillance Ship
Imperial Marinheiro Large Patrol Ship
Impetuoso Destroyer
Implacable Aircraft Carrier
Incheon Frigate
Indefatigable Battlecruiser
Independence Light Carrier
Independence Littoral Combat Ship
India (Project 940) Auxiliary Submarine
Indomitable Aircraft Carrier
Inflexible Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Inhauma Frigate
Invincible Aircraft Carrier, V/STOL
Iowa Battleship
Iron Duke Battleship
Iroquois Helicopter Destroyer
Island Offshore Patrol Vessel
Island Coast Guard Patrol Craft
Ivan Gren (Project 11711) Landing Ship Tank
Ivan Rogov (Project 1174) Landing Ship Dock
Iver Huitfeldt Frigate
Iwo Jima Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
Izumo Helicopter Destroyer
Jacob van Heemskerck Frigate
Jacob van Heemskerk Light Cruiser
Jaguar Torpedo Boat
Jalalat Patrol Boat
James Madison Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Jasiri Patrol Vessel
Jason Landing Ship Tank
Javelin ('J') Destroyer
Jeanne d'Arc Helicopter Carrier
Jerong Patrol Boat
Jervis Bay Training Ship
Jervis Bay (Incat) Amphibious Transport
Jiangdao (Type 056) Corvette
Jianghu I (Type 053H) Frigate
Jianghu II (Type 053H1) Frigate
Jianghu III (Type 053H2) Frigate
Jianghu III (Type 053HT) Frigate
Jianghu III (Type 053T) Frigate
Jianghu IV (Type 053H1Q) Frigate
Jianghu V (Type 053H1G) Frigate
Jiangkai (Type 054) Guided Missile Frigate
Jiangkai II (Type 054A) Guided Missile Frigate
Jiangwei I (Type 053H2G) Frigate
Jiangwei II (Type 053H3) Frigate
Jin (Type 094) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Jing Chiang Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Jinyou Transport Oiler
Joao Coutinho Corvette
Johan de Witt Amphibious Transport Dock
John C. Butler Destroyer Escort
John F. Kennedy Aircraft Carrier
Joint Venture
Jose Andrada Coastal Patrol Craft
Juan Carlos I Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
Jules Verne Repair Ship
Juliet (Project 651) Guided Missile Submarine
Juniper Seagoing Buoy Tender
Kalaat Beni Hammed Landing Ship Medium
Kamchatka (Project 12884) Auxiliary Command Ship
Kamorta Corvette
Kanin (Project 57bis) Guided Missile Destroyer
Kara (Project 1134B) Guided Missile Cruiser
Kara (Project 1134BF) Guided Missile Cruiser
Karel Doorman Frigate
Karel Doorman Fleet Support Ship
Kartal Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Kashin (Mod) Guided Missile Destroyer
Kashin (Project 61) Destroyer
Kasturi Frigate
Kaszub Corvette
Katanpaa Coastal Minehunter
KBV 171 Miscellaneous Auxiliary
KCR-40 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
KCR-60M Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Kedah (Meko 100) Large Patrol Ship
Keeper Buoy Tender
Keka Patrol Boat
Kelly ('K') Destroyer
Kent Heavy Cruiser
Keystone State Auxiliary Crane Ship
Khamronsin Patrol Boat
Khareef Corvette
Kharg Replenishment Oiler
Khobi (Project 437N) Transport Oiler
Khukri Corvette
Khulna Patrol Boat
Ki Hajar Dewantara Frigate
Kidd Guided Missile Destroyer
Kiev (Project 1143) Aircraft Carrier
Kiev Mod. (Project 11434) Aircraft Carrier
Kilauea Ammunition Ship
Kildin (Project 56M) Guided Missile Destroyer
Kilic Patrol Combatant
Kilo (Project 877) Submarine
Kilo II (Project 636) Submarine
Kimbla Boom Defence Vessel
King George V (1911) Battleship
King George V (1939) Battleship
Kingston Patrol Boat
Kinterbury Cargo Ship
Kirov (Project 1144) Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear)
Kirov (Project 11442) Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear)
Kittiwake Submarine Rescue Ship
Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier
Klewang Patrol Vessel
Knox Frigate
Knud Rasmussen Patrol Vessel
Kobben (Type 207) Submarine
Kobra (KAL-36) Patrol Boat
Kola (Project 42) Frigate
Kolkata Guided Missile Destroyer
Koln Frigate
Komandarm Fedko Replenishment Ship
Kondor I Coastal Minesweeper
Kondor II Coastal Minesweeper
Kongo Guided Missile Destroyer
Koni (Project 1159) Frigate
Kontradmiral Xawey Czernicki Fleet Support Ship
Kora Corvette
Koraaga Auxiliary Minesweeper
Kortenaer Frigate
Kotlin (Project 56) Destroyer
Kotlin (SAM) Guided Missile Destroyer
Kotor Frigate
Krabi (Mod. River) Patrol Vessel
Kralj (Type R-03) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Kraljevica Patrol Boat
Kresta I Guided Missile Cruiser
Kresta II (Project 1134A) Guided Missile Cruiser
Krivak I (Project 1135) Guided Missile Frigate
Krivak II (Project 1135M) Guided Missile Frigate
Krivak III Guided Missile Frigate
Krivak V (Project 11356M) Guided Missile Frigate
Krogulec (Project 206) Fleet Minesweeper
Kronstadt Patrol Vessel
Kulmbach Coastal Minehunter
Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier
Kynda Guided Missile Cruiser
L.Y. Spear Submarine Tender
La Fayette Frigate
La Galissonniere (T56) Destroyer
La Perouse Hydrographic Survey Ship
La Salle Auxiliary Command Ship
Lada (Project 677) Submarine
Lafayette Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Laforey ('L') Destroyer
Lake Patrol Boat
Landsort Coastal Minehunter
Largs Bay Landing Ship Dock
Larkana Patrol Boat
Lassen Ammunition Ship
Lazaga Patrol Boat
LCAC 1 Landing Craft Air Cushioned
LCM(8) Landing Craft Medium
LCU 1466 Landing Craft Utility
LCU 1610 Landing Craft Utility
Le Corse (E50) Frigate
Le Normand (E52) Frigate
Le Redoutable Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Le Triomphant Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Leahy Guided Missile Cruiser
Leander Frigate
Leander (cruiser) Light Cruiser
Leander (Exocet Conversion) Frigate
Leander (Ikara Conversion) Frigate
Leander (Sea Wolf Conversion) Frigate
Leeuwin Hydrographic Survey Ship
Legend National Security Cutter (Large)
Leizhou Transport Oiler
Lekiu Frigate
Leopard Training Craft
Leopard (Type 41) Frigate
Lerici Coastal Minehunter
Levuka Patrol Boat
Lewis and Clark Fleet Supply Ship
Lexington Aircraft Carrier
Ley Inshore Minesweeper
Lianyun Coastal Minesweeper
Lida (Project 10750) Inshore Minesweeper
Lima (Project 1840) Auxiliary Submarine
Lindau (Type 331B) Coastal Minehunter
Lindormen Minelayer
Linge Large Harbour Tug
Lion Battleship
Loadmaster Landing Craft Utility
Loch Frigate
London Heavy Cruiser
Long Beach Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear)
Long Island Escort Carrier
Los Angeles (688) Submarine (Nuclear)
Los Angeles (688I) Submarine (Nuclear)
Los Angeles (VLS) Submarine (Nuclear)
LPD (India) Landing Ship Dock
LSM 1 Landing Ship Medium
LST (1) Landing Ship Tank
LST (2) Landing Ship Tank
LST (3) Landing Ship Tank
LST-1 Landing Ship Tank
LST-491 Landing Ship Tank
LST-542 Landing Ship Tank
Lublin (Project 767) Landing Ship Tank
Luda Guided Missile Destroyer
Luga (Project 888) Training Ship
Luhai Guided Missile Destroyer
Luhu (Type 052) Guided Missile Destroyer
Lupo Frigate
Lushun (Project 062-1-G) Patrol Boat
Lutjens Guided Missile Destroyer
Luyang (Type 052B) Guided Missile Destroyer
Luyang II (Type 052C) Guided Missile Destroyer
Luyang III (Type 052D) Guided Missile Destroyer
Luzhou (Type 051C) Guided Missile Destroyer
Lyness Stores Ship
M-48 Coastal Minehunter
Macae Offshore Patrol Vessel
Mackenzie Frigate
Maersk Transporter Fleet Ocean Tug
Maestrale Frigate
Magar Landing Ship Tank
Mahan Destroyer
Mahan (Arleigh Burke Flight II) Guided Missile Destroyer
Mahmal Landing Craft Utility
Maidstone Submarine Tender
Majestic Aircraft Carrier
Makassar Landing Ship Dock
Malaspina Hydrographic Survey Ship
Malina Submarine Tender
Malpelo Hydrographic Survey Ship
Mamry Coastal Minesweeper
Manchester (Type 42C) Destroyer
Mandau (PSK Mk5) Coastal Patrol Craft
Mandovi Patrol Boat
Mandume Patrol Boat
Manitou Medium Harbour Tug
Manta Coastal Patrol Craft
Marajo Replenishment Oiler
Maranon Patrol Boat
Maricopa Auxiliary Ocean Tug
Marine Protector (Damen Stan 2600) Patrol Boat
Marksman ('M') Destroyer
Marques de la Ensenada Replenishment Oiler
Mars Stores Ship
Mashu Replenishment Oiler
Maury (Mod. Pathfinder) Hydrographic Survey Ship
Mayo Destroyer
Meghna Patrol Boat
Meko 360 Frigate
Meko A-100 Corvette
Meko A200 Frigate
Mengha Patrol Boat
Mercure Coastal Minesweeper
Mercuur Torpedo Retriever
Mercy Hospital Ship
Mesar (Project 102) Replenishment Oiler
Meteor (C4-ST-67a) Vehicle Cargo Ship
Meteoro (Bam Type) Offshore Patrol Vessel
Midway Aircraft Carrier
Mike (Project 685) Submarine (Nuclear)
Minegumo Destroyer
Minerva Corvette
Ming (Type 035) Submarine
Minotaur Light Cruiser
Mirka (Project 35) Frigate
Mirka II (Project 35) Frigate
Mirna (Type 140) Coastal Patrol Craft
Mistral Amphibious Transport Dock
Mitscher Destroyer
Miura Landing Ship Tank
Moa Patrol Boat
Montana Battleship
Montes Azules Fleet Support Ship
Montford Point
Moresby Survey Ship
Moskva Helicopter Carrier
Mount Hood Ammunition Ship
Mowj Frigate
MSC 172 Coastal Minesweeper
MSC 218 Coastal Minesweeper
MSC 254 Coastal Minesweeper
MSC 268 Coastal Minesweeper
MSC 292 Coastal Minesweeper
MSC 294 Coastal Minesweeper
Mubarraz (FPB 44) Coastal Patrol Craft
Mukha (Project 11451) Patrol Combatant
Muntenia Destroyer
Murasame Destroyer
Muray Jip (FPB 65) Patrol Combatant
Musca Ocean Minesweeper
Mustaed Coastal Patrol Craft
Musytari Large Patrol Ship
Mutiara Hydrographic Survey Ship
Nacken Submarine
Najin Frigate
Nakhoda Ragam (F2000) Corvette
Nancang Replenishment Ship
Nanuchka I (Project 1234) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Nanuchka II (Project 1234E) Patrol Boat
Nanuchka III (Project 1234.1) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Nanuchka IV (Project 1234.7) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Napier ('N') Destroyer
Naresuan (Type 053 Mod) Frigate
Narval Submarine
Narwhal Submarine (Nuclear)
Nasr al Bahr Landing Ship Tank
Natick Large Harbour Tug
Natya (Project 266M) Ocean Minesweeper
Natya II Ocean Minesweeper
Nautilus Submarine (Nuclear)
Navajo Fleet Ocean Tug
Nazario Sauro Submarine
Neil Armstrong Oceanographic Research Ship
Nelson Battleship
Neosho Small Fleet Oiler
Neptune (1909) Battleship
Net Boom Defence Vessel
Neustrashimy (Project 11540) Guided Missile Frigate
Neustrashimy (Project 41) Destroyer
Nevada Battleship
New Mexico Battleship
New Orleans Heavy Cruiser
New York Battleship
Newport Landing Ship Tank
Newton Special Warfare Support Craft
Niederosterreich Patrol Boat
Niels Juel Frigate
Nimitz Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Nirit (Saar 4.5) Patrol Boat
Niteroi Frigate
Nitro Ammunition Ship
Nordkapp Offshore Patrol Vessel
Norfolk Destroyer Leader
Norfolk Heavy Cruiser
North Carolina Battleship
Northampton Heavy Cruiser
Notec (Project 207) Coastal Minesweeper
November (Project 627) Submarine (Nuclear)
O'Brien Destroyer
Oakland Light Cruiser
Oakleaf Transport Oiler
Oaxaca Large Patrol Ship
Oberon Submarine
Oberst Brecht Patrol Boat
Ocean Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
Odinn Offshore Patrol Vessel
Ohio Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Ohio Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Oksoy Coastal Minehunter
Olekma Fleet Oiler
Oliver Hazard Perry Guided Missile Frigate
Oliver Hazard Perry (long hull) Guided Missile Frigate
Olwen Replenishment Ship
Ondatra Landing Craft Medium
OPV-64 Patrol Combatant
OPV-70 Patrol Combatant
Orangeleaf Replenishment Oiler
Oregon City Heavy Cruiser
Oribi ('O') Destroyer
Orion (1909) Battleship
Orkan (Sassnitz) Coastal Patrol Craft
Osa I Patrol Boat
Osa II (Project 205) Patrol Boat
Oscar Austin (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) Guided Missile Destroyer
Oscar I (Project 949) Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Oscar II (Project 949A) Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Oshio Submarine
Oslo Frigate
Osman Gazi Minelayer
Osprey Ocean Minesweeper
Osprey 50 Patrol Boat
Osprey 55 Patrol Combatant
Ostergotland Destroyer
Osumi Landing Ship Tank
Otago (Protector) Offshore Patrol Vessel
Ouragan Landing Ship Dock
Oyashio Submarine
Oyashio Submarine
P-2000 Patrol Boat
P18N Offshore Patrol Vessel
P31 Large Patrol Ship
P32 Patrol Boat
P37 BRL Patrol Boat
P400 (Super Patra) Patrol Boat
P48S Patrol Boat
Pabna Patrol Boat
Paladin ('P') Destroyer
Paluma Survey Craft
Pan Shih Combat Support Ship
Panarea Gasoline Tanker
Pansio Minelayer
Papa (Project 661 Anchar) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Paraguay Patrol Boat
Paralla Vehicle Cargo Ship
Parchim Corvette
Parchim II Corvette
Pari (PC-43) Patrol Boat
Parramatta (River) Destroyer
Patapsco Gasoline Tanker
Pathfinder Hydrographic Survey Ship
Patino Replenishment Oiler
Patra Patrol Boat
Patrol 4100 Patrol Boat
Patrulheiro Patrol Boat
Pattani Offshore Patrol Vessel
Pauk I Corvette
Pauk II Patrol Boat
Paul Buck Transport Oiler
Paul Revere Amphibious Transport
Paulding Destroyer
PB57 (Variant I) Coastal Patrol Craft
PB57 (Variant II) Coastal Patrol Craft
PB57 (Variant IV) Coastal Patrol Craft
PB57 (Variant V) Coastal Patrol Craft
PCE(R)-848 Corvette
PCE-842 Corvette
Peacock Patrol Boat
Pearleaf Replenishment Oiler
Peder Skram Frigate
Pedro Teixeira Patrol Combatant
Pelikaan Miscellaneous Auxiliary
Penguin Submarine Rescue Ship
Pennsylvania Battleship
Pensacola Heavy Cruiser
Perantau Hydrographic Survey Ship
Periwa Patrol Boat
Permit Submarine (Nuclear)
Perth Guided Missile Destroyer
Petro Teixeira Patrol Boat
Petya (Project 159) Frigate
Petya (Project 159A) Frigate
Petya (Project 159AE) Frigate
PF-103 Large Patrol Ship
PFG-2 Frigate
PGM-71 Coastal Patrol Craft
PGM-9 Coastal Patrol Craft
Pigeon Submarine Rescue Ship
Piloto Pardo Large Patrol Ship
Pirana Patrol Boat
Piratini Coastal Patrol Craft
Plumleaf Replenishment Oiler
Pohang Corvette
Pohjanmaa Minelayer
Point Patrol Boat
Polar Star Coast Guard Icebreaker
Polnocny A (Project 770) Landing Ship Medium
Polnocny B (Project 771) Landing Ship Medium
Polnocny C (Project 773) Landing Ship Medium
Polnocny D (Project 773IM) Landing Ship Medium
Poluchat-I (Project 368T) Patrol Boat
Pomornik (Project 1232.2) Landing Craft Air Cushioned
Poolster Replenishment Oiler
Porpoise Submarine
Porter Destroyer
Portland Heavy Cruiser
Portunus Patrol Craft tender
Poti (Project 204) Corvette
Powhatan Fleet Ocean Tug
PR 72 Patrol Boat
PR48 Patrol Boat
PR72-560 Patrol Combatant
Prabrarapak Patrol Boat
President Jackson (C3-P&C) Amphibious Cargo Ship
Prestonian Anti-Submarine Frigate
Primo Longobardo Submarine
Principe de Asturias Aircraft Carrier, V/STOL
Priyadarshini Patrol Vessel
Project 22160 Patrol Boat
Project 23130 Replenishment Oiler
Project 645 Submarine (Nuclear)
Protecteur Replenishment Oiler
Protector Coastal Patrol Craft
Proteo Salvage Ship
Providence Guided Missile Cruiser
Provider Replenishment Oiler
Province Patrol Boat
Pukaki (Lake) Coastal Patrol Craft
PV90 Offshore Patrol Vessel
Pyrpolitis Patrol Combatant
Qing (Type 043) Submarine
Quebec (Project 615) Submarine
Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier
Queen Elizabeth Battleship
Quilliam ('Q') Destroyer
Quito (FPB 45) Coastal Patrol Craft
Quokka Medium Harbour Tug
Rade Koncar (Type 240) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Rajput Guided Missile Destroyer
Raleigh Amphibious Transport Dock
Ramadan Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Ranger Aircraft Carrier
Ratanakosin (PFMM Mk16) Corvette
Ratcharit Patrol Boat
Rauma Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Red Miscellaneous Auxiliary
Redwing (MSC 200) Coastal Minesweeper
Reichenfels Cargo Ship
Reliance Medium Endurance Cutter
Reliant Aviation Logistics Support Ship
Renown Battlecruiser
Resilience Patrol Boat
Resolution Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Resource Replenishment Ship
Restigouche Frigate
Retainer Ammunition Ship
Revenge Battleship
Rhein (Type 401-2-3) Fleet Support Ship
Rhin Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
Rhon Fleet Oiler
Riga (Project 50) Frigate
Rio Hacha Patrol Boat
Robert D. Conrad Survey Ship
Roebuck Survey Ship
Roisin Large Patrol Ship
Romeo (Project 633) Submarine
Romeo (Type 033) Submarine
Roofdier Corvette
Ropucha I (Project 775) Landing Ship Tank
Ropucha II (Project 775M) Landing Ship Tank
Roraima Patrol Boat
Rother (River) Frigate
Rotherham ('R') Destroyer
Rothesay (Type 12M) Frigate
Rotterdam Amphibious Transport Dock
Rover Small Fleet Oiler
Rubis Submarine (Nuclear)
Rudderow Destroyer Escort
Ruler Escort Carrier
S-80 Submarine
Sa'ar 3 Patrol Combatant
Sa'ar IV Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Sa'ar V Corvette
Saam Frigate
Saba al Bahr Landing Craft Utility
Sachsen Frigate
Sacremento Combat Support Ship
Saettia Patrol Boat
Saettia Mk3 Patrol Boat
Saettia Mk4 Patrol Boat
Safeguard Salvage Ship
Sagami Replenishment Oiler
Sagardhwani Oceanographic Research Ship
Sailfish Submarine
Sal Salvage Ship
Salihreis Frigate
Salisbury (Type 61) Frigate
Salvatore Pelosi Submarine
Salvatore Todaro (Type 212A) Submarine
Samar Large Patrol Ship
Sampson Destroyer
Samuel Gompers Destroyer Tender
San Antonio Amphibious Transport Dock
San Giorgio Landing Ship Dock
San Giusto Landing Ship Dock
San Giusto (Mod.) Landing Ship Dock
Sandhayak Hydrographic Survey Ship
Sandown Coastal Minehunter
Sangamon Escort Carrier
Santa Maria Guided Missile Frigate
Sariwon Corvette
Sarojini Naidu Patrol Vessel
Sarucabey Minelayer
Saryu Offshore Patrol Vessel
Sattahip Patrol Boat
Saudi Riyadh Vehicle Cargo Ship
Savage ('S') Destroyer
Schutze Coastal Minesweeper
Scimitar Patrol Boat
Scorpene Submarine
Scott Ocean Survey Ship
SDB Mk2 Patrol Boat
SDB Mk3 Patrol Boat
SDB Mk3 (Mod) Patrol Boat
Sea Bee (C8-S-82a) Cargo Ship
Sea Dragon Large Patrol Ship
Sea Eagle Patrol Boat
Sea Wolf (FPB 45) Patrol Boat
Seahorse Quenda Large Harbour Tug
Seawolf Submarine (Nuclear)
Seawolf Submarine (Nuclear)
Segura Coastal Minehunter
Sejong the Great (KDX III) Destroyer
Sentinel Fast Response Cutter
Serasa Landing Craft Utility
Serviola Large Patrol Ship
Shaldag Patrol Boat
Shang (Type 093) Submarine (Nuclear)
Shanghai I Patrol Boat
Shanghai II Patrol Boat
Shardul Landing Ship Tank
Sheffield (Type 42A) Destroyer
Shelon' (Project 1388) Torpedo Retriever
Shengli Transport Oiler
Shershen (Project 206) Patrol Boat
Shichang Fleet Support Ship
Shirane Helicopter Destroyer
Shirase Icebreaker
Shivalik Guided Missile Frigate
Shughart Vehicle Cargo Ship
Shupavu Patrol Boat
Sichang (PS700) Landing Ship Tank
Sierra Large Patrol Ship
Sierra I (Project 945) Submarine (Nuclear)
Sierra II (Project 945A) Submarine (Nuclear)
Sierra III (Project 945B) Submarine (Nuclear)
Sigma 10513 Corvette
Sigma 10514 Corvette
Sigma 10514 Corvette
Sigma 9113 Corvette
Sigma 9813 Corvette
Silas Bent Hydrographic Survey Ship
Similan (Project R22T) Replenishment Oiler
Simon Lake Submarine Tender
Sims Destroyer
Singapore LCS Littoral Combat Ship
Sir Bedivere Landing Ship Tank
Sir Caradoc Vehicle Cargo Ship
Sir Galahad Landing Ship Tank
Sir Lamorak Vehicle Cargo Ship
Sirio Large Patrol Ship
Sirius Replenishment Oiler
Sirius Coastal Minesweeper
Sivuch (Project 1239) Corvette
Sjoormen Submarine
SK5000 Coastal Minehunter
Skate Submarine (Nuclear)
Skipjack Submarine (Nuclear)
Skjold Patrol Boat
Skorpion (Project 1230) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Skory (Project 30bis) Destroyer
Slava Guided Missile Cruiser
Sleipner Corvette
Smith Destroyer
Snake Patrol Boat
Snellius Hydrographic Survey Ship
Soho Frigate
Somers Destroyer
Song (Type 039) Submarine
Sonya (Project 1265) Coastal Minesweeper
Sorong Small Fleet Oiler
Soryu Submarine
Sotoyomo Auxiliary Ocean Tug
South Carolina (1910) Battleship
South Dakota (1920) Battleship
South Dakota (1939) Battleship
Southampton (1937) Light Cruiser
Sovremennyy (Project 956) Guided Missile Destroyer
Sovremennyy (Project 956EM) Guided Missile Destroyer
Spica M Patrol Boat
Spruance Destroyer
Sri Inderi Sakti Fleet Support Ship
St Laurent Frigate
St. Vincent Battleship
Stalingrad (Project 82) Heavy Cruiser
Stalwart Destroyer Tender
Stalwart Ocean Surveillance Ship
Stenka (Project 205P) Patrol Boat
Steregushchy (Project 20380) Frigate
Stockholm (Spica III) Coastal Patrol Craft
Storis Medium Endurance Cutter
Storm Patrol Boat
Stromboli Replenishment Ship
Sturgeon Submarine (Nuclear)
Styrso Coastal Minesweeper
Success Replenishment Oiler
Successor Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear)
Suffren Destroyer
Sugashima Coastal Minesweeper
Sukanya Large Patrol Ship
Super Dvora MkII Patrol Boat
Super Dvora MkIII Patrol Boat
Super Patra Patrol Boat
Super Vita Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Supply Combat Support Ship
Surcouf (T47) Destroyer
Suribachi Ammunition Ship
Svalbard Offshore Patrol Vessel
Svedlov (Project 68bis) Cruiser (Gun)
Svetlyak (Project 1041.2) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Swan (River) Destroyer
Swiftships 105 Patrol Boat
Swiftships 110 Patrol Boat
Swiftships 35PB Patrol Boat
Swiftships 65 Patrol Boat
Swiftships 85 Patrol Boat
Swiftsure Submarine (Nuclear)
T-301 Inshore Minesweeper
T-4 (Project 1785) Landing Craft Medium
T-43 Coastal Minesweeper
T-58 Coastal Minesweeper
Taabo Italia Vehicle Cargo Ship
Tachikaze Destroyer
Tacoma Frigate
Takami Coastal Minehunter
Takanami Destroyer
Takatsuki Destroyer
Talbot County Landing Ship Tank
Talwar Guided Missile Frigate
Tammar Large Harbour Tug
Tang Submarine
Tango (project 641B) Submarine
Tarantul I (Project 1241.1) Patrol Combatant
Tarantul II (Project 1241.2) Patrol Combatant
Tarantul III (Project 1241.1RZ) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Tarantul IV (Project 12421) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Tarantul V (Project 1241.8) Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Tarawa Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
Taupo Patrol Boat
Teluk Amboina Landing Ship Tank
Teluk Semangka Landing Ship Tank
Tenace Auxiliary Ocean Tug
Tench Submarine
Tennessee Battleship
Terrebonne Parish Landing Ship Tank
Tetal-I (Project 1048) Frigate
Tetal-II (Project 1048M) Frigate
Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
Thetis (Stanflex 2000) Large Patrol Ship
Thetis (Type 420) Patrol Combatant
Thomaston Landing Ship Dock
Ticonderoga Guided Missile Cruiser
Tide Replenishment Oiler
Tide (MARS Tanker) Fleet Supply Ship
Tiger Cruiser (Gun)
Tiger Helicopter Carrier
TNC-45 Guided Missile Patrol Craft
Tobruk Landing Ship Tank
Tolland (C2-S-AJ3) Amphibious Cargo Ship