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National Flag


Name of Service: Hukdong Dagat ng Pilipinas - Philippine Navy
Ship Prefix: BRP - Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas
Date Formed: 20 May 1898
Official Website/s:
(Strength) Personnel: 24000
Vessels on World Warships: 66

Active Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Abraham Campo Point 396 Patrol Boat
Alberto Navaret Point 394 Patrol Boat
Apolinario Mabini Peacock 36 Patrol Boat
Artemio Ricarte Peacock 37 Patrol Boat
Bacolod City Bacolod City 550 Landing Ship Medium
Bienvenido Salting Chamsuri PG112 Patrol Boat
Boni Serrano Chamsuri PG111 Patrol Boat
Cebu PCE-842 PS28 Corvette
Dagupan City Bacolod City 551 Landing Ship Medium
Dionisio Ojeda Chamsuri PG117 Patrol Boat
Emilio Jacinto Peacock 35 Patrol Boat
Emilio Liwanag Chamsuri PG118 Patrol Boat
General Antonio Luna General Emilio Aguinaldo 141 Coastal Patrol Craft
General Emilio Aguinaldo General Emilio Aguinaldo 140 Coastal Patrol Craft
General Mariano Alverez Cyclone 38 Patrol Boat
Gregorio del Pilar Hamilton 15 High-Endurance Cutter
Iloilo PCE-842 PS32 Corvette
Kalinga Balsam AG89 Seagoing Buoy Tender
Kalinga Apayao LST-542 LT516 Landing Ship Tank
Magat Salamat Admirable PS20 Fleet Minesweeper
Miguel Malvar PCE-842 PS19 Corvette
Nicolas Mahusay Chamsuri PG116 Patrol Boat
Pangasinan PCE-842 PS31 Corvette
Quezon Auk 70 Fleet Minesweeper

Historic Ships

Name Class Pennant Designation
Agusan del Sur LST-542 LT54 Landing Ship Tank
Albay LST-542 LT39 Landing Ship Tank
Aurora LST-542 LT508 Landing Ship Tank
Bataan LST-491 LT85 Landing Ship Tank
Benguet LST-542 LT507 Landing Ship Tank
Bulacan LST-542 LT38 Landing Ship Tank
Cagayan LST-542 LT97 Landing Ship Tank
Cavite LST-542 LT509 Landing Ship Tank
Cotabato del Norte LST-542 LT511 Landing Ship Tank
Cotabato del Sur LST-542 LT87 Landing Ship Tank
Datu Kalantiaw Cannon 76 Destroyer Escort
Datu Sikatuna Cannon 5 Destroyer Escort
Datu Tupas Admirable PS18 Fleet Minesweeper
Davao del Norte Aggressive PM91 Ocean Minesweeper
Davao Oriental LST-542 LT506 Landing Ship Tank
Diego Silang Casco PF9 High-Endurance Cutter
Ilocos Norte LST-542 LT98 Landing Ship Tank
Kamagong Achelous Repair Ship
Lanao del Norte LST-542 LT504 Landing Ship Tank
Leyte PCE-842 PS30 Corvette
Leyte del Sur LST-542 LT505 Landing Ship Tank
Mindoro Occidental LST-1 LT93 Landing Ship Tank
Misamis Oriental LST-542 LT40 Landing Ship Tank
Mount Samat Admirable TK21 Fleet Minesweeper