Capability Boost for Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron

The Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron, based at HM Naval Base Clyde, recently received a boost to its operational capability with the delivery of two batch 2 P2000 patrol boats.

The new vessels, HMS Raider and HMS Tracker, replace the older batch 1 ships, HMS Pursuer and HMS Dasher, which had become familiar sites on the Clyde since the creation of the Squadron back in 2010.

Previously assigned to a training role with the University Royal Navy Units, Raider and Tracker underwent an upgrade package which saw them fitted with ballistic protection and weapon mountings. The work meant that they are now fully fledged armed patrol boats and ready to become part of the Squadron.

Lieutenant Commander Sam Nightingale, Captain of HMS Tracker and Commanding Officer of the Squadron, said: “These two new ships really enhance our capability to conduct our core mission of escorting high value shipping in the Firth of Clyde, as well as expanding our ability to conduct other tasking on the west coast of Scotland.”

HMS Tracker and Raider, which differ from their batch 1 counterparts by having more powerful and faster engines, are able to cruise at over 20 knots and are armed with three General Purpose Machine Guns.

Dasher and Pursuer have now returned to a training role, although HMS Pursuer will remain based at HMNB Clyde supporting Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities’ Royal Navy Unit.